The company LaTy

The company LaTy is the wholesale and retail sale of Czech company dealing with the production and distribution, active in the field of construction, health and safety protection, sports field and protection of persons. Part of production and distribution are various types of ropes, rubbery ropes, cords and sporting equipment, including the impact mats for sports fields and the system foam elements designed for children's playgrounds.

Our motto: "Tell us what you need and then it's a toy to play with."

For more than 10 years of experience we can meet almost all the requirements of the client. Our advantage is the exact production according to the requirements in the shortest delivery time. Our individual approach has been devoted to the long-term cooperation for the satisfaction of both parties.

The products supplied by us are characterized by high quality and durable materials, that meet the legal standards required by use of the product (fire-resistant, defectiveness…..).


We supply and provide:

safety nets for the construction industry, waste management, agriculture, transportation, sports complexes, the city, state institutions, etc.
sports nets and sports equipment (goals, line machines, basketball nets, etc.)
components (parts) for playgrounds and sports fields (mats, landing mats, foam aids, rope components, etc.)
elastic ropes, ropes and cords (climbing, boat, anti-fire , industrial, military, etc.)


Why working with us:

we are direct producers of nets, lines and elastic ropes - the lowest price and high quality
production according to your requirements with a minimum delivery deadline
high quality processing and materials with long lifetime period
individual access
option to wholesale cooperation
long-time experience
delivery to abroad
in case of request we deliver and install



We produce and supply professional and training sports nets to all sectors of sport. Our sports nets meet all standards with regard to the sports. We can produce a sports net according to your requirements, including printing. We supply the nets including assembly parts.



Protection nets that we produce are raschel or knotted, from high quality materials that are up to 10 years of durability with a 5 year warranty on UV stability.

The use of protection nets is in industry, construction, agriculture and horticulture. We produce tailor-made nets and we deliver the nets including assembling parts and accessories.


PE – it's a hard monofilament material, moisture-proof, resistant to freezing temperatures or higher temperatures. We provide a warranty on UV 5 years with an estimated life of 10 years.

PAD – it´s a solid yarn material, soft, strong, with good characteristics like resistance to water, sunshine and frost.

PP – it´s a solid yarn material more suitable for indoor use



We produce high quality elastic ropes from the classic version suitable for attaching the advertisments to the specially modified elastic ropes with braided monofilament from polyamide 6.6 and applications 3M (petrox), with higher tensibility, or from other special materials.

They stand out for their high resistance to weathering, UV radiation and mechanical damage.



We supply cords to different market segments such as mountain climbing, parachuting, military sector, industry, textile industry, etc. We use materials of PES, POP, PAD and also special materials TWARON, NOMEX, DYNEEMA. We use the braiding and knitting technology with the flat and round to 15 mm diameter.

TWARON perfectly meets the requirements for cut resistance and fire resistance (5 times stronger than steel)

PAD 6.6 the main advantage of this material is flame retardant

NOMEX® fiber has excellent resistance to heat and flames and on the world market is dominated by, in particular, in the field of protective clothing for firefighters, army and police.

DYNEEMA® fibre is produced from polyethylene and does not contain any chemical components, it is therefore a pure fibre with high resistance against to water and humidity. Has very good resistance to chemicals, UV radiation and micro-organisms.


Dodaváme vysoce kvalitní žíněnky a dopadové ploch pro školy a sportoviště. Povrch dopadových ploch a žíněnek je potažen z kvalitního materiálu Polygrip. Polygrip materiál se vyznačuje protiskluzem, hygieničností, je odolný proti protržení a velice snadno omyvatelný. Dodávané produkty splňují evropské normy.



We supply a high-quality mats and impact surfaces for schools and sports fields. The surface of the impact areas and mats is covered with high quality material Polygrip. Polygrip material is anti-slipp, hygienic, tear-resistant and is very easy to clean. Supplied products meet the European standards.



Gymnastics equipment is made of safe and durable materials. Our sports equipment, aids and mats conform to European standards.



We provide children's outdoor and indoor play areas, including service and an emphasis on safety.

A large number of components provides great composition variety of the playing areas.


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